3 Steps to Moving from Chasing to Attracting on Social Media

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The Social Media Exhaustion

We know the drill of doing social media for our businesses…

We post 3 times a week, adding value, sharing our offers, and giving out free stuff.

We add new friends, expand our network, sending messages to people daily.

We gotta make sure we’re on Facebook, Instagram, Linkedin, Tiktok, Youtube, and whichever the latest rising platform is.

And these are the right things to do, it’s just sometimes… exhausting.

They just sometimes fall into the ‘things I had to do for the business list, instead of the ‘things I love doing in my business list.

We’re just sometimes out of the motivation, energy, and inspiration to give…

Especially when we don’t get the results we want from all the hard work.

What’s Missing

So what are we missing?

We’re missing the reason why social media was created in the first place.

For us to CONNECT.

And for your people to connect with you, they need to know who you are.

For your ideal clients to be attracted to you, they need to know what you stand for.

For your clients to bring you into their world, they need to know what’s in your heart.

The Way Forward

So start sharing YOU a little.

Your story, your energy, what you stand for, your desire, your hopes, your dreams.

Be real. Be authentic. Be silly. Be quirky. Or serious. Be You.

Give your audience a chance to BE ATTRACTED to you knowing who you are.

The 3 Steps to Moving from Chasing to Attracting on Social Media are:

  1. Know your Vision & Mission
  2. Own your story & your WHY
  3. Date Yourself